Tuesday, 29 December 2009

perfect.september 25th 2006...stuck.

like imprints left on skin,
held too long.too hard.
this pain will fade with time.
staring into space,any progress i make
sullied,as i'm lost to possibility.
you hit me just once
but still i reach up to my jaw,
as though the bruise should still be there.
i close my eyes,hearing those names you called me.
hear them rolling off my own tongue.
under my breath they repeat,
and i question
why am i still here.
my mind goes cloudy with all you've done.
and i'm all too aware
you are not sorry.
you feel no guilt.
and you think that what we have,
is perfect.
i'm lost,and destroyed
in between sanity and somewhere else
when i think of all this.
and i think of it all the time.
and yet to you this,
is just

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