Wednesday, 19 January 2011

wasting days is criminal.and I'll only feel bad about it later...

but...just how long will it take me to leave the house today?
I ate my porridge, I watched Smallville...I haven't washed my hair yet- and although I could just wear my hat...what if my head gets all warm...then I'll be all uncomfortable and flushed....
I'm having one of these ugly fat phases,...well is it a phase when it happens pretty much every week?...Christ, all I want to do is give up and start wearing sweatpants.
yeah, ok...I don't really want to...but I feel it'd be so much kinder to my ugly little self- to just stop trying to be one of those shiny girls- I'm just not capable of being.
maybe it's all just about acceptance?

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  1. This could so easily be me writing. I totally relate to how you feel. No one understands the low self esteem thing if you haven't experienced it personally.

    Sometimes it consumes me so much I am afraid to try on clothes at all, in case my fears are true and I really have become the size of a house.

    I don't know if it's about acceptance. Possibly. I suspect it will always be there in some form. But, it doesn't last forever. Hold on to those days when you feel good about yourself. Remember them when you struggle. This helps me some xx

    Huggles x


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