Tuesday, 1 February 2011

41 Balfour Road


I always felt safe within your walls
You never laughed, when lonely
I danced down your halls
You saw every part of me,
When I hid myself away
I found your secret places
And your stories never fade
I've curled up in your cupboards
And fallen down your stairs
And although I've known you all my life
Still your whispers catch me unawares
I could almost hear you breathing
As I lay awake in bed
But now in place of 'my room'
Will be someone else's room instead
Will you watch them as you watched me?
Take care of them that way?
Be the place they come to
When the world makes them stumble in their play
You're the only place I can be me
Sing when no one else is there
Sink to my knees, when no one else seems to care
I wish minds could be changed
I close my eyes, pray....'please'
But I know that the inevitable
Is that I must say goodbye
Let go?
To you, my house?
and always
41 Balfour road
My home

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