Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Are you certain what you feel is love.

Communication goes out the window. you can only seem to snap and ridicule.
I like my childish ideals, my romantic whimsy.
but you only seem to see me as foolish, laughable.
too stuck on not being like everyone else.

why must everything be so serious? I want those silly frivolous things.
I don't just want to hear "I love you" repeated endlessly...
I want the little touches, the breath upon my neck.the effort
the effort that doesn't need to be asked for.

I don't need you to teach me to be logical, I don't want to be less sensitive.
I don't want to be tutted at when I'm clumsy or messy.

why is it that you feel, you must point out everything I do wrong.
and if so much of what I do, irritates you so
why am I here. why do you keep me here?

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