Monday, 2 May 2011

As the wind blows.

So, Bin Laden is
that's one off a list of how many people ? the US of A, feels that "justice has been done" don't they mean revenge? He killed dare he.
I googled it, because...ummm...some proof would be nice anyway. not that I want to see a picture of a dead man...but...well...maybe Obama could do with scoring some points...and now he has..
He got the man that had the cheek to attack America,and succeed. as if he's the only person in the world plotting to inflict terror. as if there are not many who will be able to take over his own position.
Whether it's true or not,...they simply killed him. Was there nothing to ask? or are they not interested in questions anymore. maybe they didn't just shoot him in the head- maybe they kicked the shit out of him - and buried (dumped) him at sea.
what is any of this for? if the killing of this man puts anyone "at ease"...well, that's good for them...I would be lying if I said I wished I could be gifted that kind of ignorance.
Are there actually people who truly believe in Peace?
It seems like a ridiculous idea to me. there will never be a balance- how can there be? disaster and war,politics,the divides between the rich and the poor,..too much of the bad stuff, suits too many people. the rich like being rich...those in power, like being powerful. the lives of others stop meaning so much - even to those who think they are compassionate- give it time...they become detached. There are more people working to keep this world the way it is, than trying to change it to something "better"
People grew the world in this way.People from the beginning of time- built this system.
This world is the way people want it to be.
Bin Laden was someone who tried to change the balance in his own favour.
He was doing what America-has always done, attempting to destroy all that he didn't agree with.
Killing in the name of ?

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