Sunday, 22 May 2011

Half an inch of whiskey and I'm an alcoholic.

is it wrong that I only really drink when I'm alone? at strange times of the day or late at night when I can't sleep...all of a sudden I think " fuck it, I'm drinking some whiskey..." what ever moral force stops me drinking the rest of the time..." oh no, I don't like it"
I always try to be good.correct...I'm honest - always honest...if something I have to say could be taken the wrong way...I don't lie- I just keep quiet!..I'm still consumed with being the good little girl, keeping everyone happy. I don't do things for myself...I'm really fucking annoying.

so, alone on a Sunday afternoon...with no one around to have to keep happy.
Just me and Madonna.drinking a little Jack Daniels...
contemplating life as a happy alcoholic

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