Saturday, 4 June 2011

the film man

We argue about my shit taste in films. I sit in the dark and mope about it after telling him to fuck off and leave me alone- arguing with a semi drunk person has never been something that I enjoy, I don't like talking to drunk people at all - it's repetative and boring...
and having the same argument for 20 minutes is just...grrrraaahhhh..
I wonder whether I can walk out without him noticing, into the darkness. even the thought of it is a relief.

We had been watching Cassandra's dream (not my shit taste...just shit in general)...Mr Woody Allen, not his best film...not by far. that's why 16 minutes in, I questioned whether I wanted to waste another hour and...what, 30 minutes waiting for the accents to seem less ridiculous...or the dialogue less boring and cliche..
apparently not a comment I'm am allowed to make- due to- yeah, my shitty taste. Christ.
which films? he can't tell me...but he's certain many of the films I have are crap..nice...
I guess his problem is that he's a film snob.
and my problem is, that I like shit films- not "bad cinema"... that's what a bad Woody film is- because he can do outstanding films...but...crappy, girl,...and basically any Tom Hanks film(road to perdition,and possibly green mile aside)....I like soppy ridiculous films. I watched the film 13 Going On least 10 times , during the last year of my relationship with the psychopath. it was my comfort blanket...sure, I could have had a cooler comfort blanket- but....isn't it the point of one to be soothing in a basic way- unchallenging mentally.I don't give a shit about the pretentious bull shit.
some films are beautiful, some are mere entertainment. I don't see them as being the same.
so, huhh hmmm..fuck off..

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