Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Onwards Monkey...

Ok, so I've been far too busy (lazy...) and not nearly melancholy enough to write's about time I pepped it up a bit (pepped it up?!...) yeah, you heard me...I'm going to get all chirpy in your face....(well..maybe not quite chirpy...)
The varied shades of blue this blog (bleurgh...) has been have run their course for now. The dark times have moved on and it's more than over-due that I should in fact focus on the positives- now that I can see them.
The past year hasn't been at all balanced.the waves were rough. I experienced pain greater than I knew was over shadowed the fact that I finally un-hooked myself from retail work, and had actually gotten on the road to being creative for a living. I slunk into a pool of longing for things gone, things lost.
But the only way forward in life, is's to go forward.
I've spent too long looking back over my shoulder on what I have left behind.

So...what's next...?

(I'm 30 this year...what the fuck is that about?!...I'm not a grown up)

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