Monday, 19 November 2012

This Delicate Chemistry

Silence, this kind of silence must be filled up with things...things that stop the search for answers...the sureness of stupidity...the turning over of words you begin to question should have been said.
You said too much...
You said too little.
You were harsher then you had meant yourself to be. 


A word with such sweet definition, how long has it been since someone being fond of you,
was a good thing?...

Magic in Paris

You say fond, and peoples faces fall...

It's a little like the word equivalent of a pat on the head...
A damp towel,...there's nothing sexy about fond.

Creepy as fuck gallery in Paris


Fond doesn't get laid. Fond is too busy putting out the fire.

But,at least it's kind.

Chickens in Love

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