Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Little Two Thousand And Twelve.

Cat sitting at my mothers

Salman Rushdies Midnight's Children. BFI Film Festival.

Shadwell Basin and a full moon

Shadwell Basin again.
Lik and Neon, Just off Brick Lane. They have cats...

Hampstead Heath.

Regents Canal. Ducklings = Happiness.

Holland Park roses in the rain.

Holland Park, and my magical tortoise...

Lone Dancing. Redchurch Street.

Brick Lane Donkey. was he sad? or just bemused by the pouty midget taking his picture?

Business men in funny hats. Pretty sure they were Swedish.

The Running Man. Richmond Park.

Richmond Park Run.

Foggy Amusement.

Nosy cat in Portabello Road.

The cafe of magic. Island Gardens.

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