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Clint and Bob The Circus Cowboys/ Words From The Good Book For Sister Anne

Ok, so we are awesome...(no question.) and we can take this all with a healthy pinch of salt.
-Remember Clint...if we want to be Cowboys...we must see ourselves as Cowboys-
So, here I the guise of (hippy...) therapist (can I wear a doctors coat?...I'm going to wear a doctors coat...)
This is what I read in the (hippy...) Natural Medicine Book... I was drinking herbal tea too...
It was a moment of beautiful contemplative equilibrium...


Maslows Hierarchy  of needs,  
(there's a diagram of this...I drew it... it's a triangle. with layers...1 being the base...and 5 the point at the top)

Healthy people are driven to be all that they can be- their greatest selves...

1. Individual/Basic humanity.
hunger,thirst,sexuality.shelter.... literally the "base" of life.

2. Safety.
Security.Order.Stability- the essentials for dealing with the world.

3. Love.
the ability to love, and to be loved.

4. Esteem.
Self esteem.Approval, Recognition.Acceptance of self, and the world. Respect.

5. Self Actualisation.
to aim for "fulfilment of a mission" ...a goal, destiny (destination) fate, vocation...
whatever you choose to call it.

It is the utilisation of one's creative potential for self fulfilment.

(Do you mind if I play the harp while you read?)

The Self- Actualised Person

- Comfortable with reality, and more clear in the perceiving of it. "hyper reality"
- Can generally detect the "fake" , or dishonest of personality.
- Good judges of people.
- Objective of their own strengths, possibilities and limitations. Self- Aware
Which means... clearly defined goals, desires, values and feelings.
- Not frightened of uncertainty
- Acceptance of self, others and nature.
- Relatively spontaneous in their behaviour- and even more so in their inner life, thoughts and impulses.
- Unconventional. Have their own minds...
- Problem solving orientation to life. Commonly have a mission in life- or an aim.

- Quality of detachment and a need for privacy."above the battle" undisturbed by what disturbs others.
- Self governing, find meaning in being active, responsible, self disciplined and decisive.
- Highly empathetic.
- Not helplessly ruled by others (unless out of balance with natural needs)
- Take great pleasure in basic things. Nature, Children, Music, Sex. Approached with awe,pleasure, wonder and even ecstasy.
- Commonly have "mystical" experiences- (due to sensitivity to the world/ openness?)
- Intense emotions.
- Deep feelings of identification, sympathy, and affection for other people- in spite of occasional anger,
impatience and even disgust - at humanity.
- Deeper and more profound interpersonal relationships. Capable of greater closeness, love and so called "perfect identification"
- More erasing of "ego-boundaries" than other people would consider possible- one consequence being that Self actualised people have especially deep ties with few individuals. Small - true, circle of friends
- Tend to be kind or at least patient with almost everyone. yet speak realistically and harshly with those they feel deserve it- especially those who are - hypocritical, pretentious, pompous, or self inflated...

- Democratic in the deepest possible sense. Friendly toward everyone regardless of class, education,
politics...race, etc... believe it's possible to learn something from everyone.
- Humble
- Aware of how little they know- in comparison to what could be known- or is known by others that exist, or that they admire.
- Strongly ethical and moral. Strong,occasionally unconventional ideas of right and wrong. Good and evil.
- Un-hostile sense of humour. Don't laugh at jokes that hurt others.- thoughtful humour, intrinsic to situation.
- Highly imaginative and creative. The kind of creativity of "unspoilt children"

We must be aware of our self talk, as it makes an impression on our sub conscious mind- We must learn to guard against negative self-talk. We must become aware of it, and then consciously work to imprint positive self talk in it's place. To contain our own fears.

We must ask better questions of ourselves. asking instead what we can learn from a (shitty...:-) ) situation to prevent it from recurring. rather than dwelling on its actuality. asking what we must do to make things better.
Being aware that we are good people. and can do good in it's place.

Focus positively on the things in your life. (all that happens has it's reasons...)
-Examples... What in your life makes you most happy/excited,? Why? How does it make you feel?
Who do you love? Who loves you? (working from those closest to you, outwards) I love you! :-)

Ok...and some real hippy shit....I'm sure that it's helpful...but it just seems so bloody stupid...and American...( Sorry nice Americans... After writing that- I spent at least 5 minutes trying to think of the nice ones I know...and then,why they are all either gay, or Elijah Wood...) Anyway....

 "Affirmations".... A statement with positive emotional intensity...( I'm raising an eyebrow...I hope you can picture this.) this book states "have fun with it!" can you not have fun with's fucking ridiculous.
Huhhh hmmm...
I think it would help greatly if done in an American accent. while waving your hands in the air.
perhaps followed by "PRAISE THE LORD!!"

"Imagine yourself really experiencing what you are affirming"  "use your affirmations out loud in the shower, or... "   Ohhh....oh my... " while praying"
Can you tell I'm a little sarcastic about affirmations? Am I being too cynical? too much of a smart arse?

Fuck it.

Umm, the next step... " laugh at yourself" ....I think we got a little ahead of ourselves there....

You got your silly little heart ripped out? stamped on? you're watching it oozing blood onto the floor?
Well! " what's funny about this situation?"  ..."learn to laugh at the most difficult of situations"...
Ok, I think we can both nod our heads enthusiastically to that point.
We are absolute fucking masters at this... (HI FIVE! Clint!)...

"existence would be intolerable if we were never to dream"  Anatole France.

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