Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Story Of Circles. .

(Lost in my drafts.2007)

And so it is. Truth...
Intricately woven, is now danced around and toyed with.
My heart has made me a fool by getting involved,
Within its beautifully grand illusions, I got caught.
Stumbling into pools too dark to see the depth of.
I fall deep. I fall fast.
Those circles traced upon my back
That invited shivers of an unknown sweetness.
Laced with electricity they stole my breath.
Giving me something to believe in.
When I had all but surrendered
My heart as a black hole.
Not aware of the game,
I was supposed to be playing.
Did you not realise,
Or did you not care?
I needed no tenderness.
Where there was nothing,
But a story.
Realisation smacks me in the face,
With the cold goodbye of strangers.
As though this were something you were used to.
Act 2, Scene Four : Sitting in a Holborn street.
I wonder why I was so stupid.
Left so empty by just a kiss,
A kiss from a boy who I convince myself
Must deal them out like cards.
Like lines in a script, when he has no work
He must practise his craft.
He made me fall,
Into delusion.


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