Friday, 18 January 2013


 Snow snow falls and cleans all the darkness away.
I passed the test. Somehow I've always been better under my own pressure.
Everything falls into place at just the right moment.
After holding it in all week. Suddenly I can breathe again.
Each cup filled up with a heart...they appeared so easily it was like my hand was my own, but not...
So now, I think of Berlin...
Of being able to breathe pure breath. That bitter sweet lonely breath.
I fear the sadness, that will undoubtedly hit me at some point.
I am no fool, I know I can not just keep holding it off with distraction.
But what point is there to think of it, that kind of anticipation only ever moves hurt deeper...
Brings tears closer.

For now I'm relieved just to be able to breathe.

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