Tuesday, 1 January 2013

he lays his head in my lap, and I cannot stop the tears.
fighting to keep them silent.I stare at the fireworks. But I can't see anything.
Oh how I wish...wish it could be him.
why can I not love him like that any more?
everything complicates and splits. that's why.
I want to protect him, like I promised I would
Not knowing it was me he would need to be shielded from.
I wipe the sadness away,the regret
before he can see it streaked down a cheek.
I know soon we will be lost from each other.
we will not be friends, he's not that way inclined.
The new year begins.
By the end of it,
who knows what we will be.
I hope at least, we'll both be mended somehow.

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