Monday, 14 January 2013

Say Not That You Love Ambiguously.

I cannot eat, for I seem to have some how swallowed my heart.
Feeling that I had to hide my foolish love somewhere.
And it's sitting in my belly, keeping it sick and full.
I misplaced my anger. I am, and should only have been angry at myself.
For someone who has always over thought pretty much every little thing, I picked a fucking stupid time to stop. I thought all this thinking was bad for me!... What a dick.
Always acting as though I am somehow above normal human ridiculousness.
Too wise to feel things like rejection.
God damn it.
I cannot take it back. What would it matter if I could? I would just have eventually pulled together enough strands of courage to ask what was happening.
A pointless question that would still have left me feeling no less foolish then I do now.

Ambiguity, is ambiguity not a game of sorts?
Every time I heard your voice, or saw your words.
Something within me couldn't help but ignite.
No matter what the voice in the back of my mind was saying.
I guess I am the one who chose to muffle it.

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