Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Perfect Sentence.

I would give everything....I would go further than the ends of the Earth. But I find it so hard to imagine, a person more scared of being loved than I am. I find it impossible to fathom that it could be me, however much I want to. I allow flashes into my mind, images of another girl.
The girl who makes you feel that way. I've never felt such a crush upon my bones. I've never been so overwhelmed entirely by love. But isn't that just what we all say when we've fallen? Don't we all feel that we have never felt this way...But, this is different. And I have loved you so long...And so, I need you to stamp upon my heart if I'm not the one.
I form the words into a question. Trying to configure the perfect sentence. the one that conveys every single path my thoughts travel somehow. Not wanting to look stupid, or as though I believe arrogantly that there could be no one else but me in this equation.
Questions...I write them down. But I do not ask them. Too afraid.
Too afraid to be told that it is exactly as I fear. I am not the girl. I do not dare to do anything more than dream for I fear that I have never wanted something so badly.
So I put off the possibility of losing you.

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