Friday, 20 December 2013


Sometimes pain is kindness.
Sometimes, you are the monster hiding beneath another persons bed.
Haunting their sleep.
And apologies mean nothing.
For what is in your hearts cannot be removed.
The memories in your flesh, stain every cell of your being.
Loss. The loss and the grief strip everything out of you.
Your soul raw. Such depth of sadness it's as though your insides have been scraped out and laid out before you.
Time. The value of two, turned to dust.
Lovers without love.
For what does it matter, to love.
When you were once wrapped within it.
Safe. Untouchable from air or reality.
Remove its traces from my being.
To love but not be in love any longer...
The cruelest task set upon us.
Of tearing another's heart to pieces.
Of wishing you could fix it.
Be all that they need.
It fills me up. Spills over.
All the years...the many days that made up our time together.
The care.
My heart falls apart.
But it is. And cannot be another way.
We fall apart.
We lose.
And the pain is unforgiving.
And "sorry" can never be enough to explain the wounds we are left with.

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