Monday, 7 July 2014

Learn/Let Go.

If you won't love me someone else will.
My Mind, and then my body I'll set free.
I will not miss your lips, your hands
They were never mine.
All the falsehoods,...broken plans.
The promises you never had to make.
Lover, if you won't love me
Someone else will.
I'll remove this leash
That I tied tight around my heart.
I wonder why I tried so hard
To keep you,
My body, and then my mind
Told me, I should go.
As I lay next to your sleeping figure
Wondering upon the distance.
All I ever felt was the emptiness of us,
This chlling cold.
You watched me as I fell
Fell for you.
And the callousness is,
That you could have stopped me,
When I gave you the chance
To let me go.

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