Monday, 8 September 2014

The Shallow.

Fill me up with nothingness. Your pretty words. Falling meaningless to the floor.
Leave me empty when you go.
You fool, girl. Letting him so close. When he uttered all those fateful phrases...
"trust me..." My gut. it swam against the tide.
I disappear, under waves of black. I do not fight it.
Not as I should.
Too many times...I fight the urge to hide beneath my covers and stay there.
Shut away. Because people strip my soft soul bare of it's flesh.
I wonder why people do it. how they do it...
Tell you tales. breathe you in, as though it were something...
Something with substance. Peeling at your layers of defence.
Pick someone else, pick a harder heart to play with.
How do they do it?
There is a danger in those lonely ones.
Seeking comfort in someone who does not know
How to protect herself.
Who does not know, how to place conditions upon feelings.
I used to think, I could swallow up everyone's sadness.
Lock it all away.
As I did with my own.
But nobody minds.
Nobody minds feeding you their hurt.
I feel it. creeping down my spine.
Cold in my veins.
And I sink.
Drowned only by myself.


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