Wednesday, 14 January 2015

He Moves The Waves. He Sets The Tide.

I would swim out to meet you in the depths of a storm.
Never thinking to question, whether I'll return to the shore.
Did you know that I drown in your voice?
In your eloquent grandiosity.
One word, any word. My flesh quivers.
My heart skips.
On a whim?
For nostalgia?
You pulled me back to you.
Though I held pretence to the contrary,
I could not...persuade myself
Into letting you go.
After all that time.
All that nothingness.
The cycle begins again.
And I falter. because you are gone once more.
Maybe not even knowing your power.
"you have to stop loving him"
But I can't.
I crawl back to myself,
But part of me is left at the bottom of the sea.
Lost to me. I will never retrieve it.
I do not want to.


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